Automotive Industry

YEZ Global assists some of the leading automotive parts manufacturers internationally to improve the quality of their supply material. Our quality control services work quickly to solve both internal and external quality issues objectively, allowing companies to save time and material.

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Quality Control Services

Throughout our interaction with our customers, YEZ always maintains a high level of communication between all parties involved. YEZ Global Inspection, Inc. is able to maintain flexiblity with all quality control service needs and is willing and able to modify its service to help meet our customer’s requirements.

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YEZ Global offers the following services on every inspection:

  • Detail work instructions for each component to be inspected.
  • PPM charts.
  • Live tracking of inspections and reports.
  • History of PPM by part number.
  • Deal directly with your suppliers including invoicing services.

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Our trained technicians will rework non-conforming parts to meet our customers’ specifications.

Reworking recuperates parts, saving our customers the time and money it would take to manufacture replacement parts.

Other services:

  • Quality Management and process consulting
  • Work instructions
  • Core tools
  • Certification preparation

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YEZ Global provides containment services to help our customers isolate all non-conforming parts in their inventory and parts in transit.

This allows for easy traceability of all nonconforming parts which allows our customers to save time in the scrapping or reworking process.

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Our trained personnel assemble parts of all kinds, allowing our customers to increase product output. YEZ Global Inspection, Inc. can and will provide all services our customers request, whether it is an assembly service only or a request for multiple services.

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Yez Global provides washing services with our onsite washing machines. This service will ensure that your parts are ready for integration onto the production line after receiving them from our warehouse.

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Fixtures Industry

YEZ Global Inspection, Inc. has the capability to work with you to design custom fixtures for your part needs.

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YEZ Global can also ensure parts are within measurement tolerances with our state of the art CMM.

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Pick up and delivery

We offer affordable pick up and delivery of parts with in a 30 mile radius.